My first acupuncture experience

I have always been afraid of needles… when I was younger, every time I had to get my blood tested, my veins would always collapse. Resulting to two or three needle pokes on alternating arms! Imagine the trauma that I went through.

Poke, oh lost it. Move to other arm, poke, oh not there, let’s try the other arm again…

And that happened EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

So yes, I have no love for needles.

But the past few weeks, I have this recurring neck / shoulder pain that just keeps coming back. I’m not sure if it’s because of boxing, bad posture or weird positions in bed (while breastfeeding My daughter! Ha!)… But it’s getting uncomfortable and won’t go away even if do stretches.

So… I decided to try acupuncture. This is a HUGE step for me. My family was surprised that I was going to do it!

Well for a first-timer, I must say that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The apprehension and the not knowing what’s about to happen made everything worse than it seems. But after the first needle went in, I got more confident. I was surprised though… it felt like they were snapping the needle in. I thought it would be a slow poking process! Haha.

Most of the needles did not hurt, but on some areas, it did. But it was tolerable. No excruciating pain.

The thing that made the whole process uncomfortable was lying flat on the bed face down for more than 30 minutes, without moving!!! I wanted to scream for the doctor after 15mins or so. I don’t do well with restrains, and I felt like I had imaginary restrains on. It was torture. Plus, my cheeks were getting numb. =p

But overall, it was a good experience. Can’t say that it worked wonders because I can still feel some pain on my shoulder and neck… Hopefully tomorrow, the pain will be completely gone.

For those who tried acupuncture before, should my stiff neck be completely relieved after the session or am I expecting too much? Thoughts?

Btw, had mine done at Living Life Well in Megamall.




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