My heart broke into million pieces…

So this happened…

No, his tooth didn’t go bad. His teeth are perfect. He brushes his teeth 3x a day and he rarely eat sweets. I wish it’s because of negligence then maybe I won’t feel this bad.

No, a kid bumped into him last January and he flew and landed mouth-first. I wanted to scream at that girl for running around and not looking at where she was going. But I had to comfort my son who was trying very bravely not to cry out. 😦

His mouth bled and his two front teeth were moving. He cried a little but was okay after a while.  But my heart was broken. I felt sooo bad because I was the one with him. If only I held his hand. 😦

Two weeks after the incident, he fell in school and hit his mouth. Again. That time, I knew it was a done deal. We went to his dentist who confirmed (through xray), that his tooth had a fracture and it will eventually fall off.

Fast forward 7 months later… just when I thought we could prolong the inevitable, his tooth started wobbling really hard.

“Mommy, on September 10 my tooth started to shake really hard. While I was sleeping!”, he said. While shaking his booty.  That’s my son – always the positive and jolly one.

And today, it fell off.

I asked him how he was feeling and he said he was fine. And he couldn’t stop showing us (proudly) that he is ‘bungi’. He can’t stop smiling so I had to put my brave face on and smile and laugh with him.

But inside I’m crying.

If only I held his hand that day. 😦

But he is okay and that’s what matters most.

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