The best drink dispenser

My son loves Lego. Well, he didn’t at first. He completely ignored his Duplo blocks and hovered over books instead. I was a bit disappointed to say the least, because I grew up playing and loving my Lego. 

I can’t remember the exact turning point…  But this year, out of nowhere, my son became a Lego addict!

 “Lego all day, every day!” became our tagline. 

When he’s not ‘reading’ books, he plays with his Lego sets so animatedly. He can focus on building and following manuals for hours. But what I love most, is that he’s becoming more creative in designing his own Lego creations. 

Tonight, we were playing and he showed me this: 


Our dialogue went: 

Me: Is that a water dispenser? 

LC: No mommy! It’s a juice maker! There’s apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice! (Yellow layer) And there’s clean water, dirty water and salty water! (Green layer)

Me: Dirty water???

LC: Yes for the cats and dogs! So they can drink. Oh and there’s hot coffee, warm coffee and cold coffee! (Red layer) Here’s your cup mommy! I put ice already! (Green lego) Which drink do you want?  

I was so amazed with his creation. I was a giddy mom! Not because it was complex or hard to build, but I was sooo amazed with the thought that went into his design and he was able to describe it so clearly. 

He even included something for our dogs and warm coffee for his daddy – because he doesn’t drink hot coffee! My heart was so happy!

I really love how his mind works. I used to wonder if he was okay / normal because he has a hyperactive imagination. But I’ve learned to accept that that’s how he is and that I just have to live in his world sometimes.

So excited to see more of his creations! 

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