Our Amanpulo Renewal Kwento

Renewal kwento… Warning… This is going to be a long one!

We’ve planned to have a 10th anniversary renewal since 2014. Back then I really wanted and was hoping for an Amanpulo renewal. I have always dreamt of going to Amanpulo, and having our renewals there seemed to be the right reason to go. BUT when I checked the prices, I changed my mind. It was too expensive. 😦

Months later, the impossible happened. Amanpulo had a promo with Citibank! It was a sign! But there’s a catch… the travel period is May to June 2017. Should we grab it? Was it okay to do our renewals even if it’s not on our actual wedding date? I needed another sign.

So I messaged Veluz. I decided, if she can’t accommodate me for a June renewal, we’ll stick to a January 2018 renewal, as planned. But then, she said yes! So we are on, Amanpulo! (Yes kahit sa renewal, she was a non-negotiable. <3)

It was all falling into place.

Fast-forward to 9 June 2017…

We arrived in Amanpulo and it was raining. HARD. The forecast was it will rain the next day, too (the day of our renewal). I was sad… but I tried to be positive. I told myself, it’s okay. There’s plan B. We can still have it in the groto (small chapel). Plus, we found out we got upgraded to a Beach-front Casita. So we were still lucky. But it rained the whole afternoon til evening. By night time, I was getting depressed. It can’t rain for our entire stay. Please don’t let it rain.

The next day, we woke up to the sound of rain on our villa’s rooftop. Liam said, “mommy, it’s raining really hard. I can hear the rain.”  I just wanted to stay in bed and cry.

By 8am we were having breakfast and we were joking around. Lui told me that he was wearing a yellow shirt to attract the sun. He and Liam even did the sun dance. It was sooo funny. Lo and behold…. the rain suddenly stopped. I kid you not, the sun just suddenly came out!

By noon, i started prepping. I took a good long bath and started doing my makeup. It was still windy and gloomy so we decided to have the renewals in the Groto. Thank God for Carlo, our photographer who is also the official photog in Amanpulo. He asked our guest assistant if they can also setup in the beach for photo shoot. And the Amanpulo staff agreed! So we had 2 setups. On the beach and in the Groto. No added charge! Ang galing!

Liam and Lana were so adorable. Liam was our flower/ring bearer and Lana was our flower girl. They both walked down the “aisle” so confidently.

Funny story: I didn’t know Lui bought rings for us. He asked Liam to take care of the rings and not to lose it. He took his job seriously and when Lana asked to borrow it during the ceremony, Liam REFUSED to give it to her. Which resulted to Lana crying so hard, I had to ask the priest “Father, wait lang po ha. Saglit lang.”  Hearing Lana cry, my mind was on mommy mode. I couldn’t concentrate on what the priest was saying, all I heard was my baby girl’s cries.  So we stopped momentarily and tried to pacify Lana. Good thing Lana liked our Guest Assistant and she was able to comfort her so we could continue with the ceremony.

Overall, I couldn’t ask for more… It was perfect… gray sky, wind, rain and all. It was an intimate renewal since it was just the four of us, Lui had to put the dress on me (with very specific instructions from Veluz haha) and we had to dress the kids.

Looking back, our trip was truly blessed. Everything just fell into place. Having our renewal in the Groto is better because it was more solemn. It didn’t rain during the entire shoot and ceremony but as soon as the ceremony was done, it poured. Everyone shouted “blessings!”.

It wasn’t the perfect renewal, but the quirks made it more memorable for us.

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